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Product Name : Ring-a-Ting Cellphone Activated G-spot Vibe (H804)

Price :$134.55
Discount Price : $134.55

Description :

Ring-a-Ting is one G-spot Vibrator device with new technology. It can work not only with cell phones, but also work manually. A simple call or text message to your partners cellphone will fly her off into a world of orgasmic bliss!

For the ultimate in phone sex, use your cellphone and pleasure your partner from anywhere in the world.

When the calls coming or receiving one text message, you will get 3 different vibrations. While without calls coming, you can enjoy the 7 different modes by manual. Enjoy it after a hard day!

Size: Length 7 inch x Diameter 1 inch

Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included).

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